Meet Your Partners in Growth Series: Lisa Salinas


Lisa Salinas, Accounting Clerk and DMV Admin Lisa Salinas is the definition of a self-starter. Throughout her career, Lisa has never been afraid of a challenge and has always loved to learn, grow and try new things. From her roots growing up the daughter of a Kirby Vacuum salesman to her role at Holloway for the past seven years as our Accounting Clerk and DMV Admin, Lisa dives all in. Lisa grew up in Bakersfield where her dad and mom had a Kirby sales office on Chester Ave & 11th St., where it still is to this day. Her parents [...]

Meet Your Partners in Growth Series: Lisa Salinas2022-10-24T12:54:18-07:00

Meet Your Partners in Growth Series: Zack Levinson


Zack Levinson, Mine Superintendent Zack Levinson is not one to sit on the sidelines. He thrives on being in the action, making decisions, and putting strategic plans into motion. As our geologist turned mine superintendent, Levinson is working to take Holloway through the next 90 years with sustainable reserve planning and proper allocation of today’s resources. Levinson discovered his passion for geology when he went back to school after several years in the catering industry. He took a geology class and fell in love with the field. Levinson holds a master’s degree in geology from Sacramento State and worked with [...]

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Meet Your Partners in Growth Series: Laura Willoughby


Laura Willoughby, Senior VP of Finance Laura Willoughby, front, is Senior VP of Finance for Holloway. Joined from left to right by President Vard Terry, COO Dan Allen and CEO Brian Maxted, Holloway was named Inc. Magazine's fastest-growing Ag & Natural Resources company in 2021. While some might flee from their problems, Laura Willoughby runs at challenges head on. When she's not balancing the books at Holloway, the Senior Vice President of Finance is an avid runner who competes in marathons at both the local and national level – running in everything from the Bakersfield Marathon (finishing second [...]

Meet Your Partners in Growth Series: Laura Willoughby2022-02-23T17:08:18-08:00

Meet Your Partners in Growth Series: Alex Parsons


 Alex Parsons, Ag Operations Manager Alex Parsons, Ag Operations Manager You know those people who always say “yes” to an opportunity or the unexplored? Now combine that person with a guy who is always smiling, and would give you the shirt off his back, and you have Holloway’s Ag Operations Manager, Alex Parsons.Even though his immediate tenure with Holloway has been short, his affiliation with Holloway has been almost lifelong. Parsons grew up around agriculture living in the San Joaquin Valley where his parents owned a livestock hauling company started by his grandfather.Around the age of eight, his family moved to [...]

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Meet Your Partners in Growth Series: Jeff Rogers


Jeff Rogers, Environmental Superintendent & Logistics Manager The old adage of “wearing many hats” can often be over exaggerated, but in the case of Holloway’s Environmental Superintendent and Logistics Manager, Jeff Rogers, it is an exact fit. Rogers has a reputation for being down for anything. He is willing to take on any challenge and figure out the best way to make things work smoothly. When he started out at Holloway four years ago, Rogers was in sales with Holloway Ag. “I had always known about Holloway growing up in Shafter,” Rogers said, “But Dan [Allen] is a family friend [...]

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Whole Orchard Recycling


Highlighting the Benefits of Whole Orchard Recycling on California Clean Air Day (Oct. 6, 2021) – On Clean Air Day here in Calif. we highlight the benefits of our Whole Orchard Recycling (WOR) service, removing old, unproductive orchards and grinding the trees – rather than burning the material – for soil incorporation. This zero-waste alternative to open burning not only helps keep our air clean, but improves soil health and aids in carbon sequestration. It can also help improve production in tandem with the right amendment/nutrients plan. A decade-long study by the UC Cooperative Extension concluded that orchards undergoing WOR [...]

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Meet Your Partners in Growth Series: Jeremy Bowman


Jeremy Bowman, Director of Engineering and Projects Holloway’s Director of Engineering and Projects, Jeremy Bowman, always has his eye on the horizon, looking for what’s next and will help Holloway continue its mission to be a full circle company. And this excitement toward the future and new initiatives is exactly what any company wants from someone who is charged with leading projects. “I am not content with the status quo,” Bowman says. “I think it's exciting that we at Holloway are always looking for the next venture and the next thing.” Bowman knew Dan Allen, Holloway’s COO, and he knew [...]

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Holloway Among Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies


Named Fastest-Growing Ag & Natural Resources Company, No. 1253 overall on 2021 List of Fastest-Growing U.S. Companies BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (Aug. 17, 2021) – The Holloway Group today made Inc. Magazine’s Top 5000, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Holloway, not ranked on Inc.’s list previously, didn’t just make the top 5,000, it came in among the top 1,500 private U.S. companies – ranking No. 1,253 on the annual list. Holloway was also the top-ranked company in the "Agriculture and Natural Resources" industry. Founded in 1932 as H.M. Holloway Inc., a gypsum mine located in Lost Hills, [...]

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Meet Your Partners in Growth Series: Dan Allen


Dan Allen, Chief Opperating Officer In every great company, there is an operations person behind the scenes who effortlessly makes it all come together. Walt Disney had Roy Disney, Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak, and Holloway has Dan Allen. Allen is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for all of the Holloway Group encompassing its many different companies and business lines. He is most comfortable out of the limelight and in the thick of operations, getting things done. But he wasn’t always behind the scenes. For a majority of Allen’s career, he was in city government, first in water management and [...]

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Meet Your Partners in Growth Series: Mike Kennedy


Mike Kennedy, Senior Sales Associate  Senior Sales Associate, Mike Kennedy is a straight-up, no fuss kind of guy. And that’s what his customers at Holloway Ag love about him. They know they will always get the best and most practical solutions coupled with excellent customer service. “I love building strong relationships with my customers,” Kennedy says. “It’s the best part of this job!” Kennedy is a native of Bakersfield, CA, with deep roots in the Valley. In fact, he and Holloway’s Director of Agronomy, Steve Lenander grew up together. Kennedy is also an avid fisherman and has always been drawn [...]

Meet Your Partners in Growth Series: Mike Kennedy2021-08-16T19:33:49-07:00
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