Bob Puls: “One Call Does it All” for Soil Amendments, Redevelopment & Agronomy

In our latest grower testimonial, Lindsay citrus grower Bob Puls discusses the benefits of using Holloway soil amendments, agronomy and orchard redevelopment services.

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Flores Farms: Improving Fruit Quality with Holloway Gypsum, Agronomy Services

Citrus grower Rudy Flores, from Sanger, Calif., discusses how Holloway’s Original Gypsum and agronomy service helped drastically improve fruit quality, bloom and overall tree health and growth over two seasons.

“I’ve never seen so many limbs hitting the ground because we have so much fruit this year,” Flores said.

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How Stewart Legacy Leverages Holloway to Optimize Soil and Crop Health

Fifth-generation farmer Kameron Stewart discusses how Stewart Legacy Farming Company leverages Holloway products, agronomy and redevelopment services to optimize soil and crop health on their almond orchards in Hanford and Bakersfield.

Stewart also used Holloway’s ag services on a redevelopment in Bakersfield to produce a healthy, productive new almond orchard that’s thriving thanks in part to optimal root zone and soil conditions stemming from precision redevelopment services.

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Watch how one customer saw impressive yields after partnering with Holloway

Tom Sandrini, an alfalfa farmer in the Kern Delta area, discusses his experiences with healthier crops and higher yields after partnering with Holloway Ag.

After seven years of using liquid fertilizer, he switched to Holloway Ag’s solid soil amendments and has seen incredible yield over years past. He says that he has never seen his fields so green and lush with growth and that it has kept the weeds completely at bay. The alfalfa develops a regrowth and a canopy so quickly after each cutting that the weeds don’t get any light to grow!

He was also very pleased with Holloway’s effective and efficient spreading process of the soil amendments and compost.

Because of the results, Sandrini says he will get his fields soil tested every year and follow whatever recommendations Holloway sees fit.

Watch how one stone fruit grower improved his soil quality after partnering with Holloway

The agronomy team at Holloway Ag took soil samples at each of Ryan Metzler’s stone fruit orchards to determine deficiencies in the soil and create a custom blend soil amendment prescription to improve the soil, and therefore the tree health.

“I’d highly recommend Holloway and their agronomy team and their sales team if you’re trying to get your soils in a better place.” Metzler said.

Better tree health equals more fruit and better fruit. The Holloway Ag team took an individualized approach to the soil in each orchard to yield the best results for the grower.

Watch what can happen when growers partner with Holloway’s Agronomy team

Holloway Ag’s agronomists took soil samples from Tom Sandrini’s alfalfa farm because there were areas that were high producing and some that struggled. By analyzing the soil, they recommend and applied a gypsum-sulfur blend of soil amendments in November 2018, as well as a compost blend to help improve yield.

In Sandrini’s first cutting, he produced 2,400 bales. His second cutting was delayed 18 days due to foul weather in May, but even with the two regular irrigations and the hay going without water for 18 days, the 2nd cutting totaled 3,400.

Thirty days later Sandrini did his third cut and got 3,100 bales on the 30-day cycle. One of his smaller fields produced more than 460 bales two times in a row, when only once before had he gotten more than 400 bales of alfalfa hay in a single cutting. The fourth cutting of this field totaled 485 bales!

One of his a 20-acre fields had only produced over 600 bales in a cutting once before. It started out with 465 in the first cutting then jumped to over 870 bales in the next two cuttings.

Sandrini estimates his production to be in the 2.5 – 3 ton per acre range using the prescription from Holloway Ag’s agronomy team.

“We’ve been with Holloway forever! I’ve been with the company for 40 years and as long as I can remember we have been associated with Holloway. Not everyone can be a partner with Holloway, but the partnership gives me access to the best options for the growers’ money.”

Gary Castro, Slover Brothers Trucking

“Thirty or so years ago we went back to the Holloway products and Holloway gypsum because every time we ran the numbers on carbon units and calcium units, it came out better using Holloway’s products. I’m like every farmer and it runs down to cost and cents, and so far the stuff that I’ve used has always been so economical. That’s why I’ve switched out all my products to Holloway. It’s like a one-stop shop for me! I can call them up, and then the team figures out what we need to do and it’s always worked out really well and been very proactive. It’s been a great relationship.”

Keith Nilmeier, Keith Nilmeier Farms

Let Holloway Ag be your partner in healthier soil for greater yields.