The Holloway Group consists of privately held, affiliated companies in the agricultural,
environmental, mining, and logistics industries.

Although the Holloway Group of companies continues to expand, our classic value system that started with a pick, shovel, man and mission to help our farms and communities grow persists today.

From its early roots

in the 1930’s, H.M. Holloway, Inc. has been a leading producer and supplier of high-quality agricultural gypsum to the San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast of California. The Holloway Group recently formed Holloway Agricultural Services, LLC, to expand on our product offerings to include other soil amendments, nutrients and related agricultural products and services. Today Holloway is a full-service, one-stop shop operation, working with growers from planning stages through materials delivery and application, while also assisting with harvest, waste collection and other elements of farm management. Ultimately our goal is to bring our farmers the greatest return on every dollar invested in their soils. We are also investing heavily in our research and education programs to promote industry best practices for cost-efficient sustainable farming and aspire to become one of the premier thought leaders in the California agricultural community.


The Holloway Landfill is owned and operated by Lost Hills Environmental, LLC, an affiliate of H.M. Holloway, Inc. The Class III non-hazardous Industrial Waste Landfill facility is located in Lost Hills, California, and sited on approximately 301 acres that was formerly used for surface mining operations by H.M. Holloway, Inc. We realized that reclaiming mines for waste processing and disposal is an ecologically responsible solution that helps avoid the need to construct new landfills—and Holloway Environmental was born.

Holloway Logistics, LLC was created to service the growing logistics needs for Holloway Environmental and Holloway Agricultural Services. With logistics being the lynch pin for timely, quality service, Holloway Logistics seeks to complement our stable of long-standing logistics relationships to ensure the continued safe and timely delivery of our great products and services.

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Helping California grow with high-quality and cost efficient products, services, and solutions that benefit the communities and help preserve the natural beauty of the Golden State.


When you do business with H.M. Holloway, you are’re working with a team that puts farmer, family, soil, and community first. Learn more about our promise to all our customers of the Holloway companies.


Our Executive Team is passionate about delivering quality products and services to our customers and lead a team that delivers on the Red Ribbon Service promise every day.

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