Comprehensive Soil Management Solutions

Agricultural Services

The services of Holloway Agriculture take us from being a soil amendment vendor to truly being your partner in growth. We will work with you to make sure the materials are delivered on time, every time and that they are expertly spread so that they are effective and nothing is wasted. Holloway also has agronomists who will evaluate your soil and provide a customized prescription of amendments to reach your goals. Often times, we will create custom blends based on soil reports that will further the success of your field. We want to be more than just the place you get your gypsum – we want to be your partner in growth.

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We’ll be sure to get in touch promptly to discuss your needs and provide you with a quote for services.


Holloway’s agronomists work with your team and take a strategic approach to collecting soil, water, and tissue samples to derive the most cost-effective solutions to improve yields.

Agronomy Packages

Our Agronomy Packages give the grower the benefit of having a seasoned agronomist as their partner in growth. Whether you are looking for spot soil sampling in a few locations or a comprehensive partnership, we have a package for your field.

Grave to Cradle

Holloway Ag has partnered to develop a solution for ripping out and replanting orchards that is full service, better for the environment, gives you better results faster, and costs less than traditional burning or chipping.

Field Development

Holloway Ag will develop your field for a new orchard or vineyard using the cutting-edge ag technology. We’re rip the entire root zone and ensure amendments are spread where it counts most for optimal soil and crop health.

Material Delivery

When you order products from Holloway the materials will be delivered exactly when, and where, you expect.


Using soil mapping, Holloway’s team is able to create maps of your property and determine which soil amendments are needed in specific areas.

custom blending

Custom Blending

Most soils need replenishment of some combination of gypsum, compost, and nutrients as well as often a pH adjustment. Instead of applying three different products separately, we can make one customized blend.

Providing Tools for Growth

Let Holloway Ag be your partner in healthier soil for greater yields.