Holloway’s partnership with Ag Soilworks for better orchard and vineyard development

The importance of technology in modern agriculture

Like most industries, Agriculture has been impacted and improved by technology. This is especially true when it comes to the development of a new orchard or vineyard. Holloway Ag partners with Ag Soilworks to improve the process of developing a new plot of land. The technology provided by Ag Soilworks is far superior to the traditional way of ripping a field and it is faster and cheaper for the grower.

Traditionally, growers would use a single shank to rip the soil for a new orchard or vineyard development. The shank would rip through the compacted layers of soil to aid in root growth. It takes a lot of horsepower and many passes through the field to accomplish the full ripping. This intense horsepower means more dollars and time to complete. Additionally, the old way of ripping creates waste when it comes to the application of amendments and nutrients because they are just placed on the ripped soil, but not precisely administered based on the layers in the soil sample.

“This used to be the only way to prepare a new orchard or vineyard,” said Steve Lenander, Holloway Ag’s Director of Agronomy. “Now we are able to use the technology of Ag Soilworks to complete the process more efficiently and with better precision for amendment application.”

How it Works

The technology of Ag Soilworks uses a parabolic shaped ag soil ripper and a hydraulic wing which are able to do a much better job of soil penetration and get better horizontal tracking with a lot less horsepower. The machine also creates efficient fracking so that the soil is loosened for better root growth. And because of the increased penetration, Ag Soilworks machine can get a much better blend of amendments down into four feet of soil.

What used to take four to five passes with the traditional ripper only takes two to three with Ag Soilworks. And the equipment is also considerably lighter, which is gentler on the soil and eliminates unnecessary compaction. “Overall, the technology of Ag Soilworks does a much better job, increases fracking, gives us better and more precise penetration of amendments, and all with decreased horsepower, which is a cost savings for the grower,” Lenander says.

New Field Prep or Enhancement of Existing Orchard or Vineyard

While this technology can be applied for all crops, Holloway mostly partners with Ag Soilworks and growers on vineyards and orchards since those operations are so prevalent in the San Joaquin Valley. The partnership is especially advantageous for the grower with Holloway’s Grave to Cradle service for orchards.

Additionally, the technology is not only good for new fields – it can also be used for mid-row ripping and for middle-aged vineyards or orchards. “After so many years, the soil gets locked up and tight,” Lenander comments. “The Ag Soilworks machine can break that soil up with minimal floor damage, while also encouraging new root growth.”

More Cost Efficiencies for the Grower

The cost of using technology is often comparable or cheaper than the old way of ripping a field because the new machines use so much less horsepower and are able to complete the job in far fewer passes. Lenander encourages growers to come see it in action. “Most growers are married to an orchard for at least 20 years,“ he says. “It is absolutely worth the time to go watch how much better these machines prepare the soil for planting.”

If you are interested in learning more or seeing how the Ag Soilworks machines do their job, give Holloway a call. “We are actively recommending this process to the growers,” Lenander says. “Come look at it, come watch it work. Call us and we’ll get you out there to see the process and how much better it is.”

A better, faster, more comprehensive solution for orchard and vineyard field development from Holloway.