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Our Philosophy

Everything starts with the soil. Our mission at Holloway Ag is to supply the best soil amendments and methods to help soil structure, adjust soil chemistry, and replenish vital nutrients. Our focus on soil health helps our client’s create the best environment for crops to thrive. After all, plants grown in soil account for the vast majority of our food and clothing. Great soil does not happen by accident. By investing in the health and efficiency of your soil, you ensure the best possible environment to create maximum yield from your fields, season after season. At Holloway Ag, maximizing the efficiency of your soil is our business.

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Our diverse portfolio of soil amendments means that you will get the exact product for your particular soil need.

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Holloway’s Soil Amendments

Holloway carries a variety of soil amendments and nutrients so that you get the right solution for your field. Many of our soil amendments are certified organic and we take pride in mining and sourcing our products directly. Whether your soil is in need of improved water retention, amelioration of sodium levels, increased organic matter, additional nutrients, or an adjustment to its pH level, the Holloway Ag team has the product to replenish and rejuvenate your soil.

Holloway has 16 different types of soil amendments and nutrients. From various percentages of gypsum and standard blends of gypsum and sulfur, to lime and humic acid, we have a combination soil amendment to treat your particular brand of soil. We also offer micronutrients and both dairy and green waste compost to replenish soil nutrients. Holloway agronomists are also at the ready to analyze your soil report and recommend a custom blend based on the many factors that make up your soil, such as pH levels, natural elements, nutritional density, water retention, and soil type.

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