Grave to Cradle

A better, faster, and more comprehensive way to tear out an old orchard or vineyard and replant a new one

Holloway Ag has partnered to develop a solution for ripping out and replanting orchards and vineyards that is full service, better for the environment, gives you better results faster, and costs less than traditional burning or chipping. We call it Grave to Cradle and here is how it works.

Better technology to tear out your old orchard or vineyard

Holloway will tear out your old orchard or vineyard and chip the dead waste. We then bring in our partner, Ag Soilworks to rip the soil in preparation for the new orchard or vineyard. Ag Soilworks uses a parabolic shaped ag soil ripper and a hydraulic wing which are able to do a much better job of soil penetration and get better horizontal tracking with a lot less horsepower. The machine also creates efficient fracking so that the soil is loosened for better root growth. And because of the increased penetration, Ag Soilworks machine can get a much better blend of amendments down into four feet of soil.

Two for one hauling

Speaking of amendments, instead of spreading or burning the chips from the old trees and vines, (which is expensive, difficult, creates pathogens and hot spots in your soil, and is bad for air quality) we bring our trucks in loaded with amendments to give you new orchard or vineyard the best start. These trucks are then unloaded and the amendments spread on your soil. The empty trucks pick up the wood chips and haul them away to Holloway Environmental’s waste facility in Lost Hills.

Create energy and amendments from the waste

We have partnered with Aries to build technology at our waste facility that recycles old orchard trees and vine chips into synthetic gas to create electricity to be put back onto the grid. The remains of the process creates a biochar that is heavy in carbon and can be put back into the soil as an amendment. And because the biochar has a honeycomb-like molecular structure it helps retain water in the soil.

A better, faster, more comprehensive solution for orchard and vineyard redevelopment from Holloway.

As you can see, Grave to Cradle is a true full circle solution for your orchard and vineyard reclamation needs. And rather than calling and managing several contractors to get the work done, one call to Holloway Ag does it all.