Expert Soil Amendment Spreading Services

Dig down into any soil and you will see that there are layers of earth, aka “horizons.” The horizons form a soil profile. Soil profiles are affected by everything from blowing winds to sun, water, and even living creatures. Soils differ from region to region, but they can also differ from one part of a farm to another.

Using soil mapping, Holloway’s team is able to pull soil samples and create maps of your property and determine which soil amendments are needed in specific areas. We can then apply Variable Rate Application techniques to plot out the preferred amounts of materials needed based on the mapping results. Instead of defaulting to placing the same amount of material over your entire acreage, being able to apply specific amounts of material to match the varying needs of the soil is the most technologically efficient way to distribute material and provides the best return on investment.

If you own a spreader but need help getting your soil amendments and fertilizer applied on your farm, or you if you need Holloway to manage the spreading for you entirely, we have you covered.

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Holloway Ag expertly spreads soil amendments and nutrients on your field, orchard or vineyard to increase soil health and enhance your yields. The fall is one of the best times to apply amendments to enrich the soil after harvest. Call today for your free custom spreading quote: 661-758-6484.

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