Holloway Soil Amendments

Holloway Ag carries a variety of soil amendments and nutrients to fit the needs of your field. In addition to our quality, ready-made products, we also provide custom blending and will give recommendations based on your unique soil report. Holloway’s agronomists will provide custom soil amendment recommendations whether you need to amend clay soil using gypsum, or amend acidic soil using lime. And our agronomists are at liberty to recommend products Holloway does not offer. Our goal is to amend your field however necessary to turn dirt back into soil.

Many of our soil amendments and nutrients are certified organic and we take pride in mining and sourcing many of our products directly. Holloway’s gypsum mine is in the heart of Lost Hills and our fleet of trucks at Holloway Logistics delivers right to your field. Knowing where your soil amendments come from matters because we ensure their quality and take pride in the custom blending and variations of our products so that your field gets exactly what it needs to thrive.

Whether your soil is in need of improved water retention, additional nutrients, or an adjustment to its pH level, the Holloway Ag team is here to assist. Explore our suite of soil amendments and nutrients and then get in touch with our team so we can help you with what you need to improve your yields.

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Stone fruit grower sees significant improvement in the health of his soil after working with Holloway.

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