Gypsum aids water penetration and increases nutrient and water holding capacity. It also reduces the harmful effects of soil salts and improves soil tilth.

Holloway Gypsum 50

An excellent gypsum choice with great value on a per unit of calcium sulfate along with the micronutrient benefits. This low salt source of dihydrate gypsum will immediately go to work in your field once contacted with water.

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Gypsum 55

Holloway Original

A superior source of low salt Dihydrate calcium sulfate. In high soil salt situations, this source will reduce and help the nullification of these yield limiting soil salts. Will flocculate the soil and improve water penetration. Along with the quick tissue uptake of calcium to strengthen the cell wall structure.

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Holloway Premium

An amazing source of 70% calcium sulfate dihydrate with tremendous “horsepower” to aid penetration, reduce soil salts, and improve nutrient and water holding capacities. Along with all of the other benefits of a Holloway Gypsum.

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Gypsum 90_95

Gypsum 90

This product offers lower trucking and spreading amounts. Micronutrient levels will be lower and there is typically an association of Anhydrite with a higher percentage product, but an evaluation on a cost per unit of Calcium Sulphate may show that this product is the right decision.

Gypsum Super H Blend

Super H Blend

This product is a blend of 25% sulfur and 75% gypsum. A perfect material that contains the benefits of dihydrate gypsum and the acidifying properties of soil sulfur. Increase water penetration, nutrient and water holding capacity, reduce/leach salts, and reduce pH.

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Solution Grade Gypsum

This is a high purity, small particle gypsum product used to dissolve easily in water to add to irrigation lines. Best used for in season maintenance, especially when water quality is an issue.

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