Meet Your Partners in Growth Series: Stevi Flood


Stevi Flood, Human Resources  Stevi Flood is a farmer’s daughter. Growing up in Buttonwillow outside of Bakersfield, Flood’s family are cotton farmers who have grown a multitude of crops over the years, like their father and grandfather before them. In fact, Flood’s family farm, Cauzza Ranches, has been growing in the Central Valley since 1930. “I grew up going to the fields and my Dad would let us drive the cotton pickers,” Flood remembers fondly. “I have huge gratitude towards farmers and knowing where our food comes from and how the raw materials for clothes are grown.” The family has [...]

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Meet Your Partners in Growth Series: Gil Luera


Gil Luera, Senior Sales Associate Senior sales associate, Gil Luera is a solutions guy. And most often, those solutions are based on data with your soil in mind. Luera has been working in sales in the ag field his whole career and spent a good portion of the past decade in the agtech industry, where he developed a real appreciation for soil science and using data to make the best recommendations for the grower. As a sales associate at an irrigation management company, Luera worked with large scale farming operations to collect data on the efficiency of their water, where [...]

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Meet Your Partners in Growth Series: Jordan Burt


Jordan Burt, Vice President and Director of Farm Services A hometown product with deep roots in Bakersfield, Holloway’s Vice President and Director of Farm Services, Jordan Burt, is solidly invested in the Central Valley ag community and growers’ success. Burt oversees all of Holloway’s services, from spreading amendments to full orchard and vineyard development. He and his team have grown the service offerings of Holloway from an idea to bring back spreading trucks, to a fully integrated, start-to-finish suite of services to help the grower succeed. “Holloway had done spreading years ago and wanted to get back into it as [...]

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Featured Grower Series: Keith Nilmeier Farms


By Holloway Ag Featured Grower Series Featuring Keith Nilmeier Farms Keith Nilmeier Farms in Fresno, CA has been a family operated farm for more than 120 years. Keith is a fourth generation farmer, following in his great grandfather’s footsteps who came to America more than 135 years ago. His great grandfather started farming in the Central Valley upon his arrival to the US, and eventually started his own operation that Keith still runs today. Keith Nilmeier Farms grows citrus, wine grapes and stone fruit and chose these crops for their vertical integration, making the operation more [...]

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