Zack Levinson, Mine Superintendent

Zack Levinson is not one to sit on the sidelines. He thrives on being in the action, making decisions, and putting strategic plans into motion. As our geologist turned mine superintendent, Levinson is working to take Holloway through the next 90 years with sustainable reserve planning and proper allocation of today’s resources.

Levinson discovered his passion for geology when he went back to school after several years in the catering industry. He took a geology class and fell in love with the field. Levinson holds a master’s degree in geology from Sacramento State and worked with Chevron in the Central Valley and then with a small well logging company. He was recruited to Holloway by Stevi Flood as a geologist in 2021 and tasked with creating a long-term and short-term plan for the gypsum reserves at the mine in Lost Hills. When the opportunity came to be promoted to mine superintendent, Levinson was thrilled.

“It was exciting to make the move because as the geologist, I was able to see the big picture of the areas to mine and where to move to next, or what to move away from, but I could only make recommendations.” Levinson says. “As the superintendent, I am able to actually implement those recommendations.”

Being in a leadership position suits Levinson because he thrives in the faster paced environment and being responsible for decision making to drive projects forward, although he admits that is a skill that is more laborious in his personal life.

“I have to make decisions out here and usually really quickly. In my personal life, it takes me forever to make decisions because I have to research everything and read all the reviews – it drives my wife crazy,” Levinson laughs.

As mine superintendent, Levinson will work with the new geologist on a long-term plan to map reserves and further explore the mine. This includes creating models and calculating reserves. It is time-intensive work and requires the focus of a dedicated geologist. While Levinson is excited to help guide this process, he really enjoys the variation and pacing that the role of mine superintendent offers.

“My role now is all over the place,” Levinson laughs. “I am in the field, in the office, on the phone, on the computer – it is a fast-paced position. The overall big picture falls on my shoulders to make sure operations continue smoothly, safety is being upheld, and everyone has what they need to do their best work and pursue the Holloway’s mission and vison.”

Being the leader of a dedicated team is a comfortable place for Levinson. As a geologist, his work was more independent. Now as the superintendent, he has a team of people who all work together to meet the production demands of Holloway’s customers.

“I get really excited about unifying the plan and getting everyone on the same page and working towards one common success,” Levinson says. “This role allows me to see projects from start to finish and see things happen.”

As the geologist, he had a chance to create the short-term plan and lay the foundation for the long-term plan, and now he is looking forward to bringing that work to reality.

“I want to see what my team and I can do when we take this planning from modeling to actual production,” Levinson says. “I am excited to see how my team can come together to meet or exceed production goals in this new year!”

One of the reasons Levinson is so passionate about the role he and his team play is because he sees how it fits into the larger picture of HM Holloway as a whole.

“I am excited about all the innovative things Holloway is doing as a company, including finding new ways to create energy sources from the waste streams we accept, a new compost facility, continuing to reclaim mine pits for landfill use, and all of the things we do to help and support local farmers,” Levinson says.

Community is very important to Levinson as a native of Bakersfield and a current resident raising his two children. He appreciates working for a company that is rooted in the needs of today but always planning for a brighter and more innovative future.

“Holloway’s efforts to give back and help farmers and local communities was very attractive in accepting this position as superintendent because I know all our work is going toward making a positive impact on where we live and work,” Levinson says.

It’s with committed employees like Levinson that Holloway has been able to sustainably grow over the past 90 years. And with their continued passion and innovative approaches we see no sign of slowing down.

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