Al Holloway: Tribute to a grandfather who changed the face of Valley agriculture

Everyone called him “Dad,” from his friends to his family. He was known in the valley as the crazy fellow out in Lost Hills with ideas about mining gypsum for agriculture. To young Al Holloway, he was just the greatest man to ever walk the earth. His name was Harvey Mulford Holloway (H.M. Holloway), and he was the boy’s grandfather.

Old Model-Ts, Cars Remind Us of Holloway’s Early Years

You never know what you’re going to see in the field… At a customer vineyard in Paso Robles, Calif., recently, we saw a club of Model Ts and 1915-1930s classics cruise by, reminding us of the early days of Holloway -- founded some 90 years ago in 1932.

From The Field, Ep. 4: Matthew Efird on Challenges Facing Farmers

In the latest edition of “From the Field,” Holloway CEO Brian Maxted talks to fifth-generation Fresno farmer Matthew Efird, President of Efird Ag Enterprises and Vice President of Double E Farms since 1999. Efird is also the District 8 Board Director for Blue Diamond, and discusses the many challenges facing Central Valley growers this season, including issues related to shipping, storage, supply chain challenges, and the soaring costs of agriculture inputs.

From the Field, Ep. 3: Whole Orchard Recycling

Holloway CEO Brian Maxted takes a ride with Ag Operations Manager Alex Parsons at a recent Whole Orchard Recycling project near Mendota, Calif. The two discuss best practices for orchard removal, grinding and reincorporation, and the many benefits of Whole Orchard Recycling.

90 Years & Still Growing: 1964 E&MJ Ad Showcases Lost Hills Mine

This Clark Equipment ad from Engineering and Mining Journal in November 1964 highlights Holloway’s Lost Hills Mine with a photo of a Michigan Tractor Scraper that scraped 1 million tons of gypsum between 1959 and 1964. Since 1932, Holloway has been the leading supplier of soil amendments to the south Valley, scraping, delivering and spreading more gypsum than any other supplier. Today, as part of an occasional series entitled "90 Years & Still Growing ..." highlighting Holloway and California ag history, we look back at our founder and celebrate the early days of H.M. Holloway and how our 90-year-old company came to be. 

Holloway Celebrates its 90th Anniversary

Long-time Central California-based company Holloway this week is officially celebrating its 90th anniversary in business. Founded in 1932, Holloway will commemorate its 90th anniversary with a customer appreciation event this week, an employee appreciation event later this summer, along with a host of 90th campaigns, giveaways and events that pay tribute to 90 years of business in the agriculture, mining, environmental and logistics industries.

From the Field, Ep. 2: Combat Soaring Fertilizer Costs with Compost, Soil Amendments

In the second episode of “From The Field,” Holloway CEO Brian Maxted continues his discussion with Director of Agronomy Steve Lenander, discussing how growers are combatting soaring fertilizer costs with compost and gypsum. Visiting an almond orchard in Wasco, Calif., in mid-May, the two also discuss using soil amendments to improve ponding issues and unlock nutrients in the face of today’s soaring input costs.

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