When is the best time to apply gypsum, compost, and other amendments?

Holloway Director of Agronomy Steve Lenander tells the Valley Ag Voice “the time is now to apply amendments,” before the heavy winter rains hit.

“I would like to have amendments on as early as possible so we can take advantage of winter rains,” Lenander said. “Plus, it’s just out in the field working, instead of sitting in piles. So we try to get it in as early as we can, but we have to think about the reality of cultural operations that happen and the ability to leave it in place where we need it up by the trees.”

The sooner the better for soil amendment applications, Lenander adds, so amendments and nutrients can move through the soil profile with winter rains, breaking up hard soils and breathing new life into the rootzone.

Read the December issue of Valley Ag Voice to learn more about amendment timing, and other considerations for amendment applications, such as applying after winter sanitation and other cultural practices.

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