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Episode 4: Fresno Farmer Matthew Efird

In the latest edition of “From the Field,” Holloway CEO Brian Maxted talks to fifth-generation Fresno farmer Matthew Efird, President of Efird Ag Enterprises and Vice President of Double E Farms since 1999.

Efird is also the District 8 Board Director for Blue Diamond, and discusses the many challenges facing Central Valley growers this season, including issues related to shipping, storage, supply chain challenges, and the soaring costs of agriculture inputs.

Double E Farms has been growing almonds and other permanent crops south of Fresno since the early 1980s, so Efird said this isn’t the first time the operations have been faced with water scarcity issues, rising labor and input costs.

But, as the two discussed, deteriorating market conditions due to the pandemic, trade issues and ongoing shipping and storage challenges, haven’t made things any easier on the state’s almond growers.

Despite those challenges, Efird said there’s no other place he’d rather be, than farming in the Central Valley.

“All of these headwinds that come along definitely add more difficulty to the equation,” Efird said. “It’s about stewardship of the land. While I have it, it’s my responsibility – until I pass it on to the next generation – and part of that responsibility is to deal with the hits that seem to keep on coming. How can we make cuts here? How do we make cuts there, and be more efficient to be profitable and pass it forward? That’s our commitment to the food system. Every farmer realizes that.”

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