Harvest season is winding down, which means it’s time to exhale, kick up your feet and take a vacation, right? Think again.

Harvest season is the most stressful time of year on our crops, whether you’re shaking trees and vines, or wrapping up another round of alfalfa or tomato harvest.

Our soils are depleted come September, lacking moisture and barren of critical nutrients that support soil health and a homogenous rootzone.

Now’s the time to get in, get soil samples and see what amendments are needed to breathe life back into your soils heading into next year.

Our agronomist team is on call and ready to turn soil samples around in as quick as a week, making sure you get your recommendations and amendment deliveries in an efficient manner.

Need a custom blend? Looking for an amazing source of gypsum? No problem. Need custom agronomy or redevelopment services?

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Why Use Holloway for Your Agronomy & Amendment Needs?

While a number of amendment suppliers across the state have battled product scarcity and trucking issues over the past year, Holloway – named Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing Ag & Natural Resources company last month – continues to grow its team, its fleet and has owned and operated the industry’s top-producing gypsum mine since 1932.

Holloway has gypsum reserves that will last for decades, and our gypsum has been proven to outperform other forms. Holloway’s true gypsum, or calcium sulfate dihydrate (CaSO4 (2) H2O), reacts quicker in the soil as the attached water molecule in the mineral works to drastically increase solubility.

Not all gypsum is equal. Contact us to learn more about the differences between Holloway’s gypsum versus other alternatives on the market.

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Trial shows Holloway Original Dihydrate outperforms Anhydrite alternative. Read more …
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