Get Your Soil Amendments on in the Spring Window to Maximize Potential this Year

There’s still time to apply gypsum, compost and other amendments to impact this year’s crop

In coming days, bloom will wrap up and our spring rains will come to an end — signaling your best remaining shot at getting soil amendments on to impact this year’s crop. 

Here are just a few of the ways Holloway gypsum can help impact 2023 crop health:

  • address ponding, poor water infiltration
  • break up hard soils to improve root development and nutrient uptake
  • unlock nutrients already in the ground from previous fertilizer applications
  • help increase calcium levels, add micronutrients
  • improve water-holding capacity

With rain in the forecast for many of us in March, our teams will be busy fielding orders and scheduling hauling and spreading activities as soon as we can get back in the field.

So whether you’re growing nuts or citrus, grapes or row crops, now’s the time to get your early-season gypsum, and other soil amendments and spreading services on the books.

To learn more about Holloway’s soil amendments and agronomy and spreading services, contact us using the form attached or call (661) 758-6484.

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