Later-Than-Normal Hull Split is Starting to Show in South Valley

As of mid-July, hull split is finally starting to show on some almond blocks in the south Valley, weeks later than we traditionally see due to the wet weather and cooler temperatures affecting this season.

You can see photos of hull split from an orchard walk from our agronomy team today (July 14) below.

Now is the time to get in and evaluate your orchard, take tissue samples, make sure you have the right micronutrients, and evaluate hull split spray and fungicide needs for disease.

“It’s been just an atypical year, and it has to be managed as such,” said Holloway Director of Agronomy Steve Lenander. “It’s our new normal it seems, and you have to hit the field and see what the true needs of the crop are. You can’t leave anything to chance this time of year.”

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And if you are looking for tissue sampling and orchard assessments from Holloway’s agronomy team, please contact us today and let’s get those orchard walks on the books ASAP.

– Photos by Holloway Director of Agronomy Steve Lenander