See How We Commemorated Our 90th Anniversary, By Discing a Giant 90th Logo at Our Lost Hills Mine

LOST HILLS, Calif. – Since 1932, Holloway has been a household name in Central California agriculture.

And over the years, we’ve advertised Holloway gypsum and our soils-first services just about everywhere: on our semis, billboards, magazines, even our belt buckles.

But for our 90th anniversary in 2022, we wanted to do something bigger. Like really big:

We wanted to put this Central California-based, family company on the global map, and put together a “huge” campaign that captures what we’re all about:

  • improving our soils
  • here in our own backyard
  • a campaign that was so big it could be seen from, we don’t know, space?

So our team of soil experts – consisting of members from our farm services, environmental and ag teams – decided to disc a giant 90 in the gypsum-laden soil behind the Holloway mine and landfill facility. A 90 that’s big enough to be seen from planes at 30,000 feet, and, we’re guessing, space if you know anyone that’s orbiting around the planet (you can technically spot it from an altitude of 100 km, the official start of space at the Kármán line).

The giant 90 – which spans more than 5.6 acres and four football fields — not only pays homage to our 90 years, but showcases some of the many farm services (precision discing, redevelopment, aerial imagery, etc.) today’s Holloway offers. And it also reminds us where it all started … at our Lost Hills mine, where Holloway’s Golden Gypsum was first discovered back in 1932.

The Holloway 90, measures larger than 400’ x 600’, and was disced by Ag Operations Manager Alex Parsons, and marked and filmed via drone by Director of Engineering Jeremy Bowman and filmed on the ground by our VP of Marketing Brian Milne.

“It’s like we always say, go big or go home,” Parsons said, looking back at the project. “We went big, AND you can say the mine is our home. It was just a super fun deal to be a part of.”

Fun indeed. A great way to kick off our 90th anniversary celebration for 2022, the first of many surprises Holloway has in store for the coming year. Other surprises include swag giveaways, classic photo galleries from Holloway and Central California agriculture over the decades, a customer appreciation event, 90 for 90 videos from our growers, and much more.

To follow our year-long anniversary celebration, be sure to follow us on our social media channels and visit for more details.

Thanks for making the past 90 years a success, and here’s to 90 more years of soils-first solutions in Central California and beyond!

– The Holloway team