Part of three generations of Holloway employees, Terry celebrates 50 years of service, starting with the company back on Dec. 18, 1971

BAKERSFIELD (Dec. 17, 2021) – Holloway President Vard Terry will be celebrating his 50th anniversary with the company this week.

Terry, who started at Holloway on Dec. 18, 1971, has been with the Central California-based company for 50 years this coming weekend.

Over that time, he’s seen truckloads of changes in the agriculture, mining, environmental and logistics industries Holloway services.

Terry has seen the Central Valley, for example, grow into one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions – producing more than 40% of the nation’s fruit, nuts and other table foods, according to U.S Geological Services.

“The practices have changed a little bit over the years, in the way we’re planting, or growing (vines and trees), but the basics are still there,” said Terry, who was honored for his milestone at the Holloway Holiday Party on Dec. 4.  “Holloway, being in business for 90 years, we’ve seen a lot of technical changes in agriculture. But the mainstay in most farmer’s budgets has been soil amendments. Take care of the soil first, and the plant will follow.”

Terry has also witnessed Holloway’s Lost Hills Mine evolve from the area’s top-producing gypsum mine into a full-circle waste management facility. To go with its award-winning soil amendments, Holloway has grown to offer a full line of agronomy, orchard removal and redevelopment services, and was recently named Inc. magazine’s fastest growing ag and natural resources company of 2021.

“I’ve not only worked as an employee for Holloway, I grew up in the Holloway business,” Terry said. “My dad was mining superintendent for 50+ years, so as a kid growing up I spent many Saturdays and Sundays at the mine with my dad, horsing around and loving the desert out there. I loved watching the heavy equipment run. I wasn’t one for the dust, but that was all part of it. As I got a little older, I got a motorcycle and I rode that all over out there.”

Holloway, which has been providing Central Coast and Valley growers with gypsum and other soil amendments since 1932, will be celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2022. Vard has been with the company for more than half of its lifespan.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Vard for more than 30 years,” said Jason M. Proctor, Owner of Proctor/Crookshanks Companies. “Vard has always demonstrated the utmost in honesty and integrity with a commitment to understanding the needs of the farming community. With Vard’s insight and leadership, Holloway has continued to stay on the cutting edge of improving soil conditions and developing cost-effective solutions to increase agricultural production.”

President since 2012, Terry is part of three generations of Terrys who have worked with Holloway – including his father, Vard Sr., brother, Allen, and his son, Daniel, who is Vice President of Sales for the company.

“In a time where switching companies every four years is the norm, Vard’s 50 years of service is emblematic of what makes both him, and working in the agricultural community, so special,” said Holloway CEO Brian Maxted. “At the heart of our industry are values as foundational as the soil itself: trust, experience, ambition without ego, continual improvement and innovation, and care. These are our company values, handed down from generation to generation, of which Vard set the example for so many years, and are now carried forth by his son Daniel and the rest of our team.”

And while Holloway continues to grow, Vard Terry has helped ensure the company remains true to its roots and values. The Terrys keep the Holloway family tradition alive with BBQs and other outings with the teams, and Vard and his wife Carol have been active in the community for decades and are passionate about giving back.

“Growing up, I felt like it was always a family here,” Terry said. “Not only was I a little young runt kid, but I was part of the Holloway family. I think that’s one of the things, when we look at the Holloway employee base, that’s a big difference. People are made to feel like family here.

“They’re worth something. And as long as you’re able to do your job, you’re going to remain part of that family. … Even when you leave, you remain part of the Holloway family.”

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