This month, Holloway officially celebrates its 90th year in business. 

Today, as part of an occasional series entitled “90 Years & Still Growing …” highlighting Holloway and California ag history, we look back at our founder and celebrate the early days of H.M. Holloway and how our 90-year-old company came to be. 

From a Holloway ad from the 1970s in the Bakersfield Californian:

“It was during the Depression of the early 1930s that Harvey Holloway discovered the mineral that was to change the destiny of the Valley’s agricultural lands. In 1932, he launched his gypsum mining operation with not much more than a pick and a shovel. Today, the company is a thriving business. Holloway’s gypsum has been used throughout the San Joaquin Valley to reclaim alkaline soils, improve water penetration, and increase crop yields, the goal of every farmer.”

You can read more about California ag history as part of Holloway’s 90-year anniversary celebration at 

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