From The Field

From the Field, Ep. 6: Spring Applications, Soil Sampling to Impact This Season

Holloway CEO Brian Maxted and Director of Agronomy Steve Lenander discuss the importance of spring soil samples and amendment applications to optimize production.

While this video was shot back in May as part of our a series on soil amendment application timing, now is the time to get in and sample your soils, and apply soil amendments such as compost or gypsum to impact this year’s crop. Whether you’re growing trees or row crops, take advantage of this spring window!

From The Field, Ep. 5: Got Ponding? Using Soil Amendments to Improve Water Infiltration

Following up after the recent storms that slammed California the first two weeks of the year, Holloway CEO Brian Maxted and Director of Agronomy Steve Lenander revisit a customer almond orchard on Jan. 18 to see how soil amendments such as gypsum and compost helped improve ponding and water infiltration issues.

Episode 4: Matthew Efird on Challenges Facing Farmers

Holloway CEO Brian Maxted talks to fifth-generation Fresno farmer Matthew Efird and discusses the many challenges facing Central Valley growers this season, including issues related to shipping, storage, supply chain challenges, and the soaring costs of agriculture inputs.

Episode 3: Whole Orchard Recycling

In Episode 3 of our “From the Field” series, Holloway CEO Brian Maxted takes a ride with Ag Operations Manager Alex Parsons at a recent Whole Orchard Recycling project near Mendota, Calif.

The two discuss best practices for orchard removal, grinding and reincorporation, and the many benefits of Whole Orchard Recycling to the grower and the soil.

Episode 2: Combat Soaring Fertilizer Costs with Compost, Soil Amendments

In the second episode of “From The Field,” Holloway CEO Brian Maxted continues his discussion with Director of Agronomy Steve Lenander, discussing how growers are combatting soaring fertilizer costs with compost and gypsum.

Visiting an almond orchard in Wasco, Calif., in mid-May, the two also discuss using soil amendments to improve ponding issues and unlock nutrients in the face of today’s soaring input costs.

Episode 1: Mid-Season Almonds Update, Irrigation Management

Introducing Holloway’s new series, “From The Field” with CEO Brian Maxted, who catches up with experts from the agricultural, mining, environmental and logistics industries to discuss current trends, best practices and sustainable solutions that help communities and partners grow.

In this episode, Brian meets with Director of Agronomy Steve Lenander in a Wasco almond orchard for a mid-season update and to discuss how the cooler temperatures have affected nut production in the southern Valley.

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