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Growing Forecasts in the Central Valley for 2021


By Holloway Ag With 2020 firmly in the rear-view mirror, many people wonder if 2021 will be like a bad hangover or a breath of fresh air. While only time will tell, there are some hypotheses in the Central Valley agricultural community for what to expect from the growing season this year. The Interest in Growing Hemp Continues In the San Joaquin Valley, there are primarily orchards and vineyards, with row crops like corn and wheat in the mix. While these crops are a staple of the area, in 2020 and into 2021 there has been [...]

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Gypsum Grade


There has been a lot of talk lately regarding Gypsum. It has been referred to as high-grade and low-grade Gypsum. After consulting with many labs and specialists in the field I have come to the realization that describing Gypsum by “grade” solely is highly is misleading to the grower.

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