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Now is the Time to Get Your Soil Tested and Fall Amendments Applied


By Holloway Ag Pumpkin spice is everywhere, kids are excited about their Halloween costumes, harvests are complete, and there is that increasing crispness in the air. It is officially fall time in the Central Valley. And the fall is a critical time to get vital amendments on your field. Holloway Ag’s Director of Agronomy, Steve Lenander recommends getting those amendments on your soil right after harvest, or as soon as the crop is off the ground. But the key to knowing what amendments you need is to test your soil. “Growers can either collect soil samples [...]

Now is the Time to Get Your Soil Tested and Fall Amendments Applied2020-10-27T20:49:56-07:00

Data-driven solutions for soil


By Holloway Ag Data-driven solutions for soil health Holloway’s agronomists partner with the grower, and/or the grower’s agronomist and PCA to use facts and science to derive the most cost-effective solutions to improve your yields. We take a strategic approach to collecting soil, water, and tissue samples. Every field presents a unique challenge, and we collect samples based on both grower and agronomist knowledge. In any given field or block we collect the necessary samples, which we then send to accredited labs for analysis. From there, we make soil amendment and/or nutrient recommendations based on the [...]

Data-driven solutions for soil2020-08-28T22:31:12-07:00

How do microorganisms affect the quality of soil?


By Holloway Ag The Importance of Microorganisms in Commercial Agriculture Think of microorganisms as the life in the soil. These little, live creatures create nutrients in the soil and make certain elements more available to the plant. The more microbial activity you have, the better chance you have for native nutrients to build back up in the soil. “We like to say that microorganisms are one of the best ways to turn dirt back into soil,” says Steve Lenander, Director of Agronomy for Holloway Ag. Microorganisms have a very multifaceted job: They make any applied nutrients [...]

How do microorganisms affect the quality of soil?2020-08-28T22:32:39-07:00

A Wet Spring Does Not Lead to Disease and Pests at the Levels Anticipated


There has been a lot of talk lately regarding Gypsum. It has been referred to as high-grade and low-grade Gypsum. After consulting with many labs and specialists in the field I have come to the realization that describing Gypsum by “grade” solely is highly is misleading to the grower.

A Wet Spring Does Not Lead to Disease and Pests at the Levels Anticipated2021-12-01T21:43:25-08:00
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